Compass Technologies designs, manufactures and supports forward-thinking Access Control and Security Management systems. Access Control, Alarm Monitoring, Photo ID Badging and Facility Control System for Any Size Application. Compass 6e is the latest in a series of forward thinking products from Compass Technologies designed to control and integrate multiple disciplines of electronic security, environmental and operational systems for virtually any size facility. Its modular multi-server capable design effectively and economically supports more than 500 card readers, which can be used for Door Access Control, Elevator Floor Access Control, Energy Control and more. Compass 6e also provides a platform for the entire spectrum of Alarm Monitoring with the ability to report and display events in near real time, coupled with detailed information about every event and clear concise instructions to the operator.  Compass 6e provides high-level system features such as Graphical Maps of the protected area, Visitor Scheduling and Tracking, Vehicle Management, Live Video and NVR/DVR Integration, Database Partitioning, Global-Local-Soft-Hard-Timed-Anti-Passback, Standard and Custom Reports and much more. Compass systems are installed in, and protecting a wide range of facilities around the world including Colleges and Universities, Airports, Federal, State and Municipal Government buildings, Offices, Retail, Industrial and Public Utilities.


Today's business facilities have become a complex network of diverse needs, from precise control of temperature and humidity for worker comfort and process control, monitoring critical components such as lighting, fuel tanks, and batteries, to providing secure authorized access control for time and attendance, alarm monitoring and fire and smoke detection. TAC integrates all your facility management needs into a diverse multi-faceted architectural bundle. TAC allows your HVAC system to run in line with your access control system, that in turn handles digital CCTV signals, fire and emergency signals all accessible from the web. Continuum software brings integration to new heights with a complete set of tools to centrally manage as one seamless system the vast amounts of information your building generates every day. Also, Continuum software is native BACnet-compliant, operations personnel have access not only to alarms and reports from the Continuum controllers on the network, but from all the different subsystems in their facility (HVAC, access control/intrusion, fire & life safety, power/lighting, digital video, etc.). In addition, Continuum software provides instant web access to your building's information from anywhere on the network!


Integral Technologies is a worldwide provider of IT security solutions offering Digital Video and Access Control solutions for small, medium and enterprise class business. As the first security company to develop and introduce a DVR to the market, Integral was established as the premiere provider of digital video recording units. They offer systems with impeccable security and stability, capable of handling an extremely broad quantity of camera inputs. System capabilities range from entry level, all the way to meeting expansive and precise demands. A need for real-time, full performance video recording launched the development of an industry-first, broadcast quality digital video recorder, DS RealVue.


The worlds most trusted visitor management solution. STOPware is the most widely used visitor management system among Fortune 500 companies. STOPware's PassagePoint v4.5 Enterprise is the most comprehensive full-featured visitor management product on the market. This powerful solution lets corporations, government agencies, and other large organizations tailor, deploy, and scale lobby security according to their IT infrastructure, database strategy, and geographic footprint. Since 1997, STOPware has pioneered the lobby security software marketplace with its flagship product, PassagePoint. STOPware markets PassagePoint to a wide range of customers, security dealers, integrators and consultants. Combining vast experience in visitor requirements, security, customer service, management requirements, IT standards and user experience, STOPware has set the standard with PassagePoint. In addition to world-class software, STOPware provides hardware, badge stock, installation and training services, technical support and custom engineered products and services.


GUARD1 PLUS and THE PIPE have been accepted as the preferred and recommended guard tour products of many of the largest guard companies. As a result, they have had the opportunity – and good fortune – to work with many of the largest companies in the security industry. Their customers set a high standard and much of their success has come from working to meet the challenge. They have been involved with the security industry for most of their history. They introduced a bar code based guard tour system in 1987, a bar code card reader for access control in 1993. The PIPE was developed as a response to customer requests for an abuse-proof guard tour system.


Temtec is the world leader in self-expiring badge technology. Founded in 1981, Temtec is a technology and manufacturing company that provides visual security and visitor management solutions to a broad range of industries. Temtec originated the expiring badge technology that is the hallmark of their TEMPbadge® brand product line. TEMPbadge ID products increase security and enhance access control to better protect people, facilities, and information. Their main product lines include: Expiring badges of all types, non-expiring badges, badge supplies, adhesive badges, computer printable badges, parking permits, visitor sign in sheets, security and inspection products.